Technical Assessing: Award Winning Loss Adjuster Experts in Australia

March 1, 2024
Loss Adjuster Experts in Australia

For more than three decades, Technical Assessing (TA) has offered a distinctive loss-adjusting service to our clients, drawing on our expertise and experience in specific risk areas. Technical Assessing has been honoured with the "Top Australia Claim Processing Service Provider 2023" award, recognising their leadership in delivering claim processing services and their significant influence in the market.

Through our dedication to professionalism, TA ensures a positive customer journey, strengthening the bond between our clients and their own customers (the Insured). This commitment has earned TA recognition as a primary resource for resolving intricate, technical, and substantial losses.

Since its inception in 1986, TA has evolved into Australia's largest independent, locally-owned loss adjuster, catering to various industries with specialised consulting and technical loss-adjusting solutions.

Here is Financial Service's review about us:

We are one of Australia's leading loss-adjusting experts with a track record of resolving complex and large losses and negotiating challenging settlements while upholding a positive and constructive relationship between Insurers and the Insured," says David Cambridge, managing director of Technical Assessing.

The company is a locally owned and independent Chartered Loss Adjusting and consultancy practice. At its core are multi-qualified Loss Adjusters with exceptional technical, investigative, reporting, negotiating, and ancillary skills. TA as a whole operates as a coherent team to deliver premier services, encompassing every area of loss investigation, cause analysis, quantification, policy interpretation, recovery, and settlement negotiation for the resolution of complex, technical and large losses for various local and international Underwriters and Insurers.

Technical Assessing's stronghold in the loss-adjusting sector results from a wide geographic footprint. Based in Sydney, the company maintains offices across New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, ACT, Tasmania, Western Australia and South Australia, and it also has an international affiliate. This ideally positions TA to address clients' loss-adjusting demands in Australia and internationally.

The company was established in 1986 in response to the growing need for technical and complex Loss Adjusters for the engineering sector. TA's technical knowledge and advanced services, guided by the slogan 'A Safe Pair of Hands,' have distinguished the company since then.

However, as Technical Assessing expanded its expertise across diverse industry verticals and served numerous insurers across Australia, it realised that technical proficiency alone could not ensure resolving intricate loss adjustment scenarios.

Brendan Sears, director, NSW & SA state manager, and executive loss adjuster at TA, says, “We realised the importance of soft skills along with engineering. Following our management buyout in 2020, we made nurturing emotional intelligence a top priority among our workforce.”

In line with this focus, TA has repositioned its slogan to 'Talent Chooses Us' and successfully attracts and retains top market talents, combining essential technical, communication, negotiation, and diplomacy skills. Introducing the employee share ownership plan (ESOP) and its efforts to uplift a positive and inclusive work culture solidifies its position as a leading choice for loss-adjusting professionals. This emphasis on offering the human touch to its services forms the foundation of its operations, making TA the go-to company for large and complex losses and 'run of the mill' claims.

Another major contributor to Technical Assessing's popularity among clients is its customer-centricity and commitment to building long-term partnerships. The company assigns dedicated Loss Adjusters to every claim, ensuring undivided attention throughout the project lifecycle. Unlike competitors, this means claims have minimal leakage while keeping the Insurer and Insured satisfied. TA Management delves into every claim scenario to choose the right Adjuster for clients. It selects the person with the appropriate technical and soft skills to handle the project and satisfy all stakeholders.

An exemplary client engagement showcasing TA's loss-adjusting capabilities is its involvement with an Insurer struggling to resolve a complex claim. The Insured's challenging behaviour made it impossible for the client to conduct a fair and reasonable assessment of a suite at her residence. The potential for this issue to escalate into a Media headline posed a significant threat to the Insurer's reputation in the marketplace. Sensing the emergency, TA arranged for one of its experienced and compassionate Loss Adjusters to handle the claim and meet with the individual concerned. The Loss Adjuster displayed empathy, patience, care and professionalism in their approach, resulting in a fair assessment of the claim for the Insured and the resolution of a difficult and sensitive claim for the Underwriter.

Stefan Lakomy, director, QLD State Manager, and Executive Loss Adjuster at TA, says, "We are not all things to all people and tend to handle lower volumes, but higher value claims. This strategic approach allows us to deliver 100 per cent dedication to each project, effectively becoming our clients' trusted partners in achieving success."

Mark Bonner, Victorian State Manager and Technical Manager at TA, comments, "TA Management, Loss Adjusters and Admin all work together as a Team. The Directors and State Managers are in contact with the Adjusters daily, particularly when involved with complex and large losses. All Directors and Managers are available to discuss an issue, whether it be policy coverage, quantum or the circumstances of a claim causing some concern. As far as "doing the job" is concerned, TA operates as a Team with no "hierarchy" when it comes to handling claims, just an accumulation of knowledge and expertise to come to the right conclusion.



David Cambridge

In 2017, David became Technical Assessing’s Managing Director and in mid-2020, he led the Management Buyout (MBO) with the key management team. Since the MBO, David has overseen TA’s expansion and delivered a revamped rebrand which included a new positioning statement of Talent Chooses UsTM to better reflect the belief that our people choose to work at TA.

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