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For over 30 years, Technical Assessing (TA) has been providing our clients a unique loss adjusting service based on knowledge and experience in specific risk categories.

TA’s commitment to professionalism provides stakeholders with a positive customer experience, enhancing the relationships our clients have with their clients (the Insured). As a result, TA has built a reputation as a key provider for the resolution of complex, technical and large losses.

Since being established in 1986, TA has grown to become Australia’s largest national, independent, locally owned loss adjuster. We provide specialist consulting and technical loss-adjusting services to diverse industries.

Because of our expertise and specialist skills, we’re the go-to company for large and complex losses with local and international clients. We maintain our independence and strive to create a positive and fair outcome, to ensure an ongoing relationship between our clients and their Insureds.

Many of our adjusters are highly qualified specialists in our areas of expertise with degrees in construction, engineering, law, risk management, accounting, mechanics, insurance, and loss adjusting. Our approach to Loss Adjusting is solution-focused and aims to reduce claims’ leakage.

We operate across Australia and have clients from Australia, New Zealand, the USA, UK, Europe, Pacific Islands, and Asia.

Our Corporate Values are:

Integrity in everything we do
Dedication to the needs of our clients
Knowledge in all our endeavours
Respect for our clients and each other
Motivation to do the best we can in everything
Balance in our lives and work

Our Corporate Structure & Governance

Technical Assessing Group comprises the holding company, Technical Assessing Holdings Pty Ltd, and area-specific subsidiaries:
Technical Assessing (NSW) Pty Ltd
Technical Assessing (QLD) Pty Ltd
Technical Assessing (VIC) Pty Ltd
Technical Assessing (ACT) Pty Ltd
Technical Assessing (WA) Pty Ltd
Technical Assessing (TAS) Pty Ltd
Technical Assessing (Hobart) Pty Ltd
Technical Assessing (Adelaide) Pty Ltd

TA was bought out by its executive management, led by managing director David Cambridge, in 2020. The board now comprises members the management team. In 2022 an employee share scheme was introduced to attract and retain key staff. The goal was to reward staff for their loyalty and maintain a stable workforce.

Our Compliance

We strictly adhere to federal and state legislative requirements and council bylaws including:
All state and federal privacy legislation
All environmental legislation and bylaws
All occupational health and safety legislation
We have systems in place to ensure all our people comply with the requirements of the General Insurance Code of Practice (GICOP) and Privacy Act. Our staff attend the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance’s ongoing training sessions. We comply with the Code of Practice and guidelines set out by the Australasian Institute of Chartered Loss Adjusters.
We use claims management software, VCA, to ensure service-level compliance.

In respect of SLA compliance Technical Assessing use a third-party system for claims management, Virtual Claims Adjuster.

This system manages the claims end to end, from
Registering the claim
Producing Assessment Reports
Compliance Reports
Time capturing
The system includes functionality to capture General Insurance Code Of Practice (GICOP) compliance time stamps. Also, we have the ability to modify time stamp capture requirements, specific to Client request.

The Management Team has access to time stamp diary Reports to monitor the progress of claims, to ensure compliance in accordance with SLA Agreements, which usually mirror or closely follow GICOP compliance.
Conflict of Interest checks are conducted when receiving a claim to ensure there is no conflict. If during our check a conflict is identified, we’ll decline the claim.

If during our investigation we uncover any evidence that a potential conflict of interest could arise, we will fully disclose this to the client, and take the necessary steps to rectify the matter.

Technical has gone through a digital transformation initiative, moving all their IT services to Microsoft Azure to provide security, availability and reliability across their IT services. TA has established strategic partnership with CyberCX and Empower IT to outsource their cyber security program and IT operation management. A roadmap of cyber security program of work is developed and endorsed by the board to uplift TA’s cyber maturity and protect its critical ICT assets and sensitive data.

As a part of digital transformation journey, TA has adopted a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Claim Management solution for all activities related to claim data and assessment. The claim management solution is hosted in MS Azure datacentre within Australia and hence no claim data is stored or processed outside the country. The solution is protected by several security controls to protect TA and its client’s sensitive information while always assuring the availability of the platform like:

Password complexity
Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
Restricted privileged accounts access
The solution is strictly accessible within Australia only via secure VPN connection and enforced geolocation which provides extra layers of security over TA’s critical IT infrastructure.

Our Community

Our people are passionate about giving back to our communities. This is achieved through partnering with select community groups where we have formed close relationships and shared experiences. TA is committed through our people to make a difference to the lives of those who sometimes need a helping hand.

Some of the Organisations our people are passionate about include;

  • Humpty Dumpty Foundation
  • National Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Sir David Martin Foundation
  • World Vision
  • CFA (VIC)
  • Black Dog Institute
  • Destiny Rescue
  • Others…
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