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Work Experience

Brendan comes from a mining background but has built up extensive experience in marine insurance, including post-catastrophe response, risk management, hull repair projects, shipping, freight forwarding, marine mediation, cargo handling, freight transport and logistics (sea, road, rail and air).

Recently Brendan developed Skytech, Technical Assessing’s drone service. As the chief drone pilot Brendan is responsible for all operations associated with this new service.

I love working for Technical Assessing because of the diversity that comes with being an adjuster and exposure to a broad selection of industries – business professionals, major civil projects and mum-and-dad shop owners. We strive to support one another and genuinely enjoy seeing one another flourish.

My favourite leisure activity is: Going on an adventure, whether it's surfing, taking the kids on a bike ride or exploring. I don’t like to sit still.

My favourite places to visit are: I have been fortunate to travel Australia with this job, Angourie Point is high on the list within Australia. Overseas, I have enjoyed horse riding in the Fijian rainforests. Switzerland is also very beautiful, although very expensive!