From Sydney to Asia: How Technical Assessing Became Australia's Loss Adjusting Giant

July 10, 2024

Technical Assessing (TA) is a locally-owned, independent specialist Chartered Loss Adjusting and Consultancy practice. Established in 1986, TA has grown to become the largest national, locally owned loss adjuster in Australia. Their commitment to excellence and client-centric approach sets them apart in the industry. TA’s team of highly qualified professionals includes chartered loss adjusters, engineers, and forensic experts. TA’s insurance loss adjuster services extend beyond traditional loss adjusting. They offer technical assessments for complex claims, including property damage, liability, and business interruption. Their expertise spans various sectors, such as construction, mining, marine, and agriculture.



TA’s holistic approach involves thorough investigations, detailed reports, and effective negotiation with insurers and claimants. Their reputation as a dependable insurance loss adjuster for accuracy, integrity, and efficiency has made them a trusted partner for insurers, brokers, and businesses alike. Whether it’s a major catastrophe or a minor incident, TA ensures fair and timely claims resolution.


Rise of Technical Assessing in Sydney

Sydney, as Australia’s economic hub, demands specialised loss-adjusting services. TA recognised this need and established a strong presence in the city. Their Sydney office caters to a diverse clientele, including insurers, legal firms, and corporations. TA’s team in Sydney comprises seasoned professionals with local knowledge. They understand the unique challenges posed by Sydney’s urban landscape, from high-rise buildings to coastal risks.


Their technical assessments provide clarity, enabling informed decisions. Beyond claims, TA collaborates with risk managers to prevent losses. As one of the leading insurance loss adjusters in Australia, they conduct risk surveys, identify vulnerabilities, and recommend mitigation strategies. Sydney’s growth in infrastructure, real estate, and technology has helped TA’s expansion. Their commitment to excellence remains unwavering.


The Impact of Technical Assessing on Australia’s Insurance Sector

Technical Assessing (TA) has left a significant imprint on Australia’s insurance landscape. As an award-winning, locally-owned Chartered Loss Adjusting and Consultancy practice, TA has transformed the way insurers handle claims. Here’s how:


  • Expertise and Excellence: TA’s multi-qualified loss adjusters bring exceptional technical skills to the table. Their degrees in construction, engineering, law, risk management, accounting, mechanics, and insurance equip them to handle diverse claims. Whether it’s assessing property damage, liability, or complex losses, TA’s professionals ensure accuracy and efficiency.
  • Positive Customer Journey: TA’s commitment to professionalism strengthens the bond between insurers and their customers (the insured). By focusing on reducing claims leakage, TA ensures fair and timely resolutions. Their dedication has earned them recognition as a primary resource for intricate loss adjustments.
  • Global Reach: While rooted in Sydney, TA maintains offices across New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, ACT, Tasmania, Western Australia, South Australia, and even has an international affiliate. This extensive footprint positions TA to address loss-adjusting demands both within Australia and beyond.
  • Soft Skills Matter: TA recognises that technical proficiency alone isn’t enough. Soft skills, such as effective communication and negotiation, play a crucial role in resolving complex scenarios.



Technical Assessing’s Ascendancy from Sydney to Asia: TA’s journey extends beyond Australia. From its inception in 1986, TA has evolved organically into Australia’s largest independent, locally-owned loss adjuster. Now, let’s explore how TA’s ascendancy reaches Asia:


  • Sydney’s Stronghold: TA’s stronghold in Sydney, with offices across multiple Australian states, provides a solid foundation. Their expertise in loss adjustment, guided by the slogan “A Safe Pair of Hands,” has positioned them as a trusted partner for insurers and businesses.
  • Transcending Borders: TA’s expertise transcends borders. With an international affiliate, they’re well-prepared to address loss-adjusting demands not only in Australia but also across Asia. Their technical knowledge and commitment to excellence make them a valuable resource for insurers operating in the region.
  • UAV Technology: Skytech TA, a division of Technical Assessing, specialises in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones. Drones enhance accuracy, accountability, and accessibility in claims assessing. They provide superior imagery and footage without disturbing the scene itself.


In summary, Technical Assessing’s ascendancy from Sydney to Asia reflects their unwavering commitment to excellence, global reach, and innovative approaches. As they continue to redefine loss adjusting, their impact resonates far beyond insurance boundaries.




Why is Sydney considered a hub for loss adjusting expertise?

Sydney, Australia, stands as a hub for loss adjusting expertise due to several key factors:


  • Industry Presence: Sydney hosts a vibrant insurance and risk management industry. Major insurers, brokers, and reinsurers have established their offices here, creating a rich ecosystem of professionals. This concentration fosters knowledge sharing, collaboration, and specialisation.
  • Complex Risks: Sydney faces diverse risks—from natural disasters like bushfires and floods to complex commercial claims. Loss adjusters in Sydney deal with intricate scenarios, including property damage, business interruption, and liability. Their expertise is honed through hands-on experience in managing these challenges.
  • Global Connectivity: Sydney’s strategic location in the Asia-Pacific region positions it as a gateway to international markets. Loss adjusters in Sydney handle claims not only within Australia but also across Asia. Their ability to navigate cross-border complexities adds value to insurers operating globally.
  • Technical Assessing’s Role: Technical Assessing, a prominent loss adjusting firm in Sydney, has contributed significantly to the city’s reputation. Their commitment to excellence, multi-qualified adjusters, and innovative approaches (such as Skytech’s drone-assisted assessments) have elevated Sydney’s status as a loss adjusting hub.


How does technical assessing benefit insurers?

Technical Assessing provides substantial benefits to insurers:

  • Accurate Claims Assessment: Insurers rely on loss adjusters to assess claims objectively. Technical Assessing’s experts meticulously evaluate losses, ensuring accurate calculations of damages, liability, and coverage. This precision minimises underpayments or overpayments.
  • Risk Mitigation: By partnering with Technical Assessing, insurers mitigate risks. Loss adjusters in Australia identify potential fraud, assess causation, and recommend preventive measures. Their insights help insurers make informed decisions, reducing future losses.
  • Efficient Claims Handling: Technical Assessing streamlines the claims process. Their expertise expedites investigations, documentation, and negotiations. Insurers benefit from faster claim resolutions, improving customer satisfaction.
  • Innovation (Skytech): Technical Assessing’s Skytech division leverages drones for claims assessments. Drones capture high-resolution imagery without disturbing the scene. Insurers gain accurate data, especially in challenging environments. This innovation enhances efficiency and accuracy.
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