Technical Assessing

COVID 19 Response

The team at Technical Assessing continues to closely monitor COVID-19 and its impact on our Loss Adjusting service. At this very difficult time, we understand the challenges being faced by our colleagues throughout the Insurance Industry and are here to provide our ongoing support.   Our team, which has been working remotely since Friday 13 March 2020, is fully operational and available to work with clients and business partners while we navigate these uncertain times.

This ensures key customer services pertaining to the assessment of claims, including site visits can continue to be delivered during this difficult time, so long as certain criteria are met.

Technical Assessing are taking all necessary steps to ensure we continue to support our customers and business partners through this difficult time. We are also in regular communication with our stakeholders to ensure critical services and infrastructure is not disrupted.

Actions taken by Technical Assessing to support business operations include:

  • Our IT infrastructure has for a long time employed remote access capability, which has enabled flexible work practices for team members, many of whom regularly work off-site from our offices.  The current arrangements for COVID-19 have seen little change to usual work practices for many team members.  TA implemented working remotely for all team members from as early as 13 March 2020
  • Making sure employees can continue to connect with each other and our systems. This is important not only so we can maintain our customer service levels, but also for maintaining employee wellbeing.
  • Claims handling – Our team will continue to assess claims efficiently and promptly during this time.
  • Site Inspections are continuing and where possible the team is using our video recording and video conferencing capability wherever possible.  In the event where an onsite inspection is required, TA is adhering to the Government’s strict health guidelines

Please click here for the COVID-19: Guidance for Onsite Assessment and repairs from Insurance Council of Australia regarding guidance for on-site assessments and repairs.

Importantly, please stay safe and look after your loved ones.