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Since the establishment of Technical Assessing’s in-house drone service; Skytech, we’ve been able to enhance our offering through this service with claims in the areas of:

  • Post loss inspection;
  • Large scale catastrophe footage;
  • Aerial inspection for risk assessment purposes;
  • Liability.

Drones present a great opportunity for the insurance industry, and the advancements of drone technology in recent years has made this offering more widely available.

The top 10 reasons drones can be utilised for Loss Evaluations are:

  1. COST: When using drones to record footage, the cost is often significantly lower than using general aviation aircraft to obtain the same footage.
  2. EFFICIENCY: Because drones can be set up in a few minutes, they are much more efficient and provide a better turnaround time than traditional alternatives.
  3. ACCESSIBILITY: For many claims, especially those in which the claim area is dangerous, there can be restrictions on the accessibility of the area. With a drone, the compact design and maneuverability allows for footage to be obtained of previously inaccessible areas.
  4. SAFETY: Drones record footage of areas inaccessible for humans, and can be operated from a safe distance away from the claim area. This helps keep all parties involved in the claims process safe, and reduces any risks of injury or further damage to the site.
  5. ACCURACY: When Skytech drone services are combined with the technical expertise and experience of Technical Assessing’s adjusters, we are able to provide a more accurate claims decision.
  6. COMMUNICATION: Having an in-house service like Skytech allow for direct contact with the claims adjuster, who is also the drone operator. This means the operator is actively involved in the processes associated with the claim.
  7. CONVENIENCE: UAV (Unmanned Ariel Vehicle) Skytech operation’s do not disturb the scene of a claim, and removes adjusters and other staff from having to enter hazardous areas.
  8. REAL-TIME: Skytech operators can share live footage being captured by the drone. This can be accompanied by audio and live commentary, effectively bringing the audience into the area of observation, all without leaving their work space.
  9. QUICK RESPONSE: In the event of a catastrophe such as a flood or fire, large geographical areas can be rapidly surveyed, thereby enabling the true scope of damage to be quickly and accurately determined.
  10. 3D MODELLING: Advancements in drone technology allow for 3D models and maps of claim sites to be created. This provides a unique view of a claim, and is extremely useful in claims where the site is too dangerous for adjusters to enter.

The popularity of drones in the Loss Adjusting space increases to grow and has resulted in reductions in the time, cost, and danger associated with particularly technical claims. Despite this, the advancement of these technologies may result in stricter regulations in the future, which may impact how drones are used within the insurance industry.

Technical Assessing is Australia’s only Loss Adjuster with an in-house drone service provider. Skytech, a division of Technical Assessing, is headed by NSW State Manager, Brendan Sears.